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601 Embarcadero
Morro Bay, CA 93442

A Great Collection of Skateboarding History


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Book - Lives on Board

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Lives on Board - Cover.jpg
Lives on Board - Open.jpg

Book - Lives on Board


A piece of wood, two trucks, four wheels...a skateboard. You start by rolling down a sidewalk, and end up rolling through life. For some the ride stops at the end of the street; for others the ride never ends. 

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This book was written by those for whom the ride is never-ending: by the 15-year-old grom who falls asleep dreaming of skateboarding; by the 40-something "pad dad" you see at the local skatepark; by the women whose stories have never been told; and by the 73-year-old architect who didn't begin skateboarding until the age of 65. Over 170 stories and 200+ photographs. The "everyman/everywoman" are accompanied by contributions from some "notable" skateboarders, and other personalities from the skateboard world that I have come to know since I began skateboarding in 1974. Some of the great skateboarding photographers have graciously contributed to the book. The introduction is by Stacy Peralta.